Top Courses in India

The educational development in India could be determined by the numerous, quality courses that are provided in each major subject cadre, thereby enhancing the standard of every professional degree in India.

There is no doubt about the strong education foundation that exists in India and as well as about the numerous courses that are available in plenty of colleges/universities in the country. Starting, right from the professional courses and varying with variety of courses like, industrial training courses, polytechnic courses, vocational education courses, management courses, and many more… in short there is course for every unique desire in the country. The only thing required would be the passion to learn, the rest is available in abundant manner in the country.

Professional Courses

Of course, the country is known for its professional courses, especially the engineering and medical courses would definitely top the list without a second opinion. If you take a closer look at the engineering foundation that exists in the country, then you would accept the never ending craze for the engineering courses in the country. All the IITs would be the point of attraction to any studious student in the country. The IITs are known for their standard, quality of education, well developed research centers that are thriving with depth of research knowledge, and placement histories, etc… The IITs are in fact act as the engineering repository for the entire country, especially the placement records of the IITs are quite amazing and it is one of the attractive incentive for any student, as the IIT students’ would be getting placed with an average salary of Rs. 4 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh per month and more than that. The engineering courses are offered by plenty of government/private colleges/universities, and deemed universities, etc… There are many renowned private colleges, like Birla Institute of Technology and Science at Pilani, Rajasthan, are continuously providing a quality and standard education to the students. Many of such institutions, are offering distant learning courses from which numerous students/professionals are getting benefitted. The medical foundation and the related universities/institutions/hospitals are no longer lesser in grades, when compared to the engineering foundation in the country. The AIIMS could be portrayed, as the best example for the quality medical education and service facilities in the country, besides many government/private medical colleges/universities in the country.

Management Courses

The fact that India has also got strong foundation on management studies, is praiseworthy. This could be well explained by portraying all the IIMs in the country. But the IIMs are not the only source of management studies in the country, further many private business schools, even many deemed universities in the country are shining in the management education category. The IIMs are quite popular throughout the country, as well as its entrance exam, namely the CAT. The entry and exit to the IIMs are considered tough, because of the quality of CAT, which is designed to filter only the quality inputs into the campus.

Vocational Courses

I would say that, the vocational education courses are slowly gaining momentum in India. There are plans to implement the National Vocational Qualification’s framework in the country. Thus, the growing trend for the vocational courses and its related career, is promising. The country has realized the significance of the growth of the vocational courses at the right time, because via such courses many students who were deprived of education, or the students who would fall under the ‘below poverty line’, or the students who could not afford to study at schools/colleges, etc… could be really benefitted. Because, such courses are cheap, compared to other professional courses and thereby could be affordable. The government has established a committee to enhance and develop the vocational education in the country.